West Side Story was the school musical in season 3 in which Blaine played the role of Tony the male lead, this also affected his relation with Kurt. Glee also used songs from West Side Story in other episodes.

Songs From West Side Story Feat. BlaineEdit

-One Hand, One Heart (Blaine & Rachel) from The First Time

-Something's Coming (Blaine) from I Am Unicorn

-Tonight (Blaine & Rachel) from The First Time

Other Songs From West Side StoryEdit

-Tonight (Tina) from Preggers

-I Feel Pretty (Rachel & Quinn) from Born This Way

-Somwhere (Rachel & Shelby) from I Am Unicorn

-Cool (Mike) from Asian F

-A Boy Like That/I Have a Love (Rachel & Santana) from The First Time

-America (Santana, Puck, Tina, Rory, ND) from The First Time

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